Exercise 0 - Scavenger hunt! *

Download exercise: IT1925-exercise-0.pdf

The objective of this exercise is to get you familiar with Second Life and make sure you learn some useful tips for your next assignments.


Account creation       2 (participation) points
Scavenger hunt       3 (participation) points
  • Form yourselves into groups of 2
  • Setup a blog (on a site that is not blocked by the school). Recommended: www.blogger.com

Account creation

Create an account at http://secondlife.com
Email the instructor (dioselin "at" gmail "dot" com) your:

  • Team members
  • Full avatars' names
  • Personal email address of each member
  • Hand phone of each member
Due date: Tuesday October 24th

Scavenger hunt

For each step in the following scavenger hunt, take a picture and upload it to your blog with a small caption:

  1. All team members meet in Second Life
  2. Go to the Olive Upside Down Room and sit on the ceiling fan
  3. Give your avatar a Mohawk
  4. Get a dragon pet in the New Citizens Plaza
  5. Visit the Mushroom Kingdom
  6. Play some SLingo
  7. Take a balloon tour
  8. Go to Second Life Fever for dancing.
  9. Talk to a member of the Second Life Greeters group, introduce yourselves and ask her/him to give you a good tip on things to do (or not to do) in SL
  10. Find the Teleportation Trail and complete at least stations 1 through 3. Take a picture on each station wearing the freebies you get.
  11. Write 3-5 sentences on your impressions, pros/cons of SL as a platform for entertainment.
Due date: Thursday November 2nd

* Thanks to Second Life Educators mailing list: SL Treasure Hunt 2006