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Academic Year 2006/2007 Semester 2

Week Date Lecture Assignment/Activity
1 19-Oct-2006 Intro, History, Myths and Society and maturity of a media Form teams (2 students each)
2 26-Oct-2006 Technique (story, visual effects) Announce assignment 1
3 2-Nov-2006 Technique (story, visual effects)
3 3-Nov-2006 2006 Machinima Festival preview Attend through Second Life. See events for more info
4 9-Nov-2006 Technique (interactive drama, collaborative scripting, trends, implications)
5 16-Nov-2006 Assignment presentation Assignment 1 due
6 23-Nov-2006 Feature showcase I Announce assignment 2
7 30-Nov-2006 History of Games video
8 7-Dec-2006 Economics (Laws, trends)
Industry (valuechain, SWOT)
9 14-Dec-2006 e-learning (work on assignment 2) *Dioselin on leave
10 21-Dec-2006 Semester break
11 28-Dec-2006
12 4-Jan-2007 Feature showcase II *Dioselin on leave
13 11-Jan-2007 Free
14 18-Jan-2007 Assignment in-world presentation. Assignment 2 due.
8.45am Singapore time, 4.45pm PST
SL Location: Campus Island
Audio: Singapore TeamSpeak Server -
NYP channel - IM me for password
15 25-Jan-2007 Ethics (lecture conducted in SL) 9am Singapore time, 5pm PST
SL meeting point: Campus Island
Audio: Singapore TeamSpeak Server -
NYP channel - IM me for password
Announce assignment 3
16 1-Feb-2007 No lecture
Work on assignment 3
17 8-Feb-2007 Assignment 3 presentation Presentation will be in RL, *not* SL.
Venue: Electronic Theater, Block M level 5

The tool we'll be using on this course will be Second Life. Some lectures will be delivered inside the world, and assignments will require to create content and conduct activities in it.

All students must create a free account and email the instructors your:

  • Full avatar's name
  • Personal email address
  • Hand phone

Important: Students are expected to be responsible, conduct themselves as adults inside Second Life and not to be involved in any offensive activity or "griefing". Failure to do so will be taken seriously and will affect final grades.

Assignment 1 - Techniques, story telling 30%
Assignment 2 - Economics, games 30%
Assignment 3 - Ethics, media 30%
Participation 10%