About the course

The following information can be found in Nanyang Polytechnic's 2005/2006 Prospectus :


This module will teach students about the relationship between the digital entertainment systems they will be creating, and the society they live in. It will look at the history of games and animation, and the role that games and animation have come to play in our culture. Students will be exposed to issues such as the question of violence in games and its impact on the game development industry. It will also look at the differences between games and animation in different cultures, such as North America, Japan, and Europe.

On successful completion of this subject module, the students will:

  1. Know the history of both the video games and digital special effects industries (both in animation and live-action movies);
  2. Understand the current and future trends of the development of digital entertainment; and
  3. Understand how digital entertainment and society affects each other, and their responsibilities as future content developers.

  • Introduction to Digital Entertainment
    1. Brief History of the various forms of digital entertainment
  • Digital Storytelling
    1. Art of Scriptwriting
    2. Digital Animation
    3. Special Effects in live action movies
    4. Machinimas
  • Games and Interactive Entertainment
    1. History of Electronic Games
    2. Definition of Fun: Intro to Principles of Game Design
    3. Platforms and Genres
    4. Interactive drama
    5. Collaborative scripting
    6. Trends and implications
  • Digital Entertainment Industry
    1. Basic Economics
    2. Value-chain of industry
    3. Trends of industry
    4. SWOT-Analysis
  • Ethics and Digital Entertainment
    1. Positive effects of digital media on society
    2. Games Addiction
    3. Profitability and Responsibility