Assignment 3 - Ethical issues in digital entertainment

Download assignment: IT1925-a3.pdf

See below: Teams and topics chosen

The objective of this assignment is for you to do an initial exploration of ethical issues related to digital media.

  • Email your group members and topic by end of Thursday 25/January/2007
  • Due date and oral presentation: 8/February/2007


  1. Form yourselves into groups of 2 people
  2. Pick a topic from the list below (each team must choose a different topic)
  3. Design and conduct a survey in (or any other free website) to answer the questions in your topic. Obtain responses from at least 20 people.
  4. Present and interpret your results from the survey
  5. Summarize your conclusions and opinions regarding your topic, including (but not limited to): What are the issues? Why should you care about it as a game developer? What are the social/economical/moral/etc. implications? What do you recommend in order to address these issues?
  6. Present at least two recent studies (or articles) that address your topic (they may agree or contradict your results); summarize their findings.

Deliverables and marking scheme

  1. The following are to be posted to your blog:
    • Topic chosen, survey results and interpretation (5%)
    • Your conclusions and opinions (10%)
    • Link and summary to two recent studies addressing your topic (5%)
  2. Oral presentation on due date, quality of presentation materials and quality of survey questions (10%)
  3. (Optional) Extra credit: anything else beyond basic assignment requirements (up to 5%)

List of topics

Note: mention the negative and positive effects

  1. Rating systems:
    Are consumers aware of rating systems for video games (or movies)? And do they use this information when deciding which games (or movies) to play or buy? Is this a useful system or is it unnecessary?
  2. Violence vs. sex in games (or movies)
    Is one more acceptable than the other? Why?
  3. Cultural stereotypes
    What are the cultural stereotypes depicted in games (or movies)? Do people believe they are true?
  4. Profile of the female gamer
    Should all games for women be "cute, pink" and casual games? What do women like and not like about hard-core and casual games?
  5. Cheating in games
    How common is cheating among players?
  6. Videogames in the military
    What do consumers think of the use of videogames by the military to prepare for or defend against war?
  7. Games addiction
    How common is games addiction? How do consumers define addiction?

Important notes

  • Even though this is not a statistics course, grading will take into account the quality of your survey questions so that: (a) they address a wide variety of aspects and (b) They are not biased.
  • Please note that you are not to use this assignment as an excuse to cause any embarrassment or inconvenience to any of your interviewees or classmates.

Teams & topics

Team Topic chosen
Angela & Fadzuli 6. Videogames in the military
Mayching, Gillian & Ben 4. Profile of the female gamer
Jing Si & Irddy 7. Games addiction
Wing Yi & Melvin 5. Cheating in games
Xavier 1. Rating systems
Tedo, Robin & Eric 2.Violence vs. sex in games (or movies)