Assignment 2 - The game I want to make

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  • Due date: 11/January/2007
  • Grouping: Same groups as in previous assignments


  1. Pick a current (i.e. from this year) significant trend on the video game industry. You can take facts to guesstimate the trend, or you can refer to an existing forecast study.
    From facts - In 2005, "75 percent of teens say that their interest in video games is declining". In 2006, "nearly 70 percent indicated that their interest in playing video games is decreasing." Our team assumes that this will be a continuing trend in the next years.

    From forecast study - According to the Greater China Online Gaming 2006-2010 Forecast and Analysis, "vendors and service providers alike will need to address individual markets in the Greater China online gaming market region in a calculated and specific, per-country approach. As each country is composed of distinct and varied market characteristics, a singular strategy across countries may not be the most effective nor efficient solution."

    You must cite your sources.
  2. Assume the role of game developers in Second Life. Your current product is the 3D virtual world with the basic editing tools and features (ability to buy land and scripted objects, walk around with a 3D avatar and chat with others).
    Use SCAMPERR or another brainstorming tool for your existing product in order to create a new one. The new product is an in-world game that deals with the industry trend that you picked in point 1.
    Example: A (Adapt) - In our RPG we can have cellphones for players to exchange info, which is something we are adapting from the real world and we know today's teenagers adore.
  3. Design and create a demo of your new in-world game. Remember: this game must deal with the industry trend that you picked, and must build on the advantages of your platform (i.e. what can you do in SL that is different from existing games or RL?)
  4. Describe the business model of your game: How do you plan to profit from it?
  5. Do a SWOT analysis for your game with respect to the local and global games market (why you think it will sell), thus the reasons for its targeted audience and related marketing plans.

Deliverables and marking scheme

  1. The following are to be posted to your blog:
    • Industry trend (5%)
    • SCAMPERR or another brainstorming tool (5%)
    • Game's description (genre, gameplay, etc.) and business model (5%)
    • SWOT analysis (5%)
  2. Game demo conducted in-world on due date (10%). Location TBA.
  3. (Optional) Extra credit: Extra features in your game (beyond a basic prototype), or anything else beyond basic assignment requirements (up to 5%)

References and tips

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