Assignment 1 - Script-writing and Visual Effects

See below: Students' machinima movies.

Download assignment: IT1925-a1.pdf

  • Deadline: 16 Nov 2006 9am.
  • Oral presentation (summary of your findings and produced work): Same day during lecture.
  • You are to choose a "traditional" film OR a machinima. Email the movie title and url to your instructor on or before Monday 30/Oct/2006

Part I: Script-Writing (20%)

Your analysis (not more than 1000 words) should be posted to your blog and cover the following topics/questions for the movie you choose:

  1. What is the Central Question of the script and how does the Opening Scene illustrate it?
  2. What is the Key Theme of the movie (i.e. what does the filmmaker want to tell you through the show?)
  3. Break down the script into 3 Acts, and identify the respective turning points (which usually ask the Central Question again).
  4. Who are the characters and how do the subplots (involving the characters) expand the Theme and builds up the Climax within the Structure of the script.
  5. Were there any script flaws and how will you address them? Or how would you improve the film if you were to do a re-make?
  6. Explain how the filmmakers employ different techniques in visual effects to enhance the story-telling of the film. Please refer to for a history of visual effects in film

Post the report to your blog.

Part II: Machinima creation (10%)

Do one of the following:

  • Create your own machinima by choosing a scene from the film and acting it in Second Life, using the same camera angles OR
  • Create your own machinima to produce a short FMV for any game you've made or are currently working on.

Use FRAPS ( or any other screen capture software to generate a movie file. Feel free to ask friends to be 'actors'.

Post the movie to your blog.

Extra credit (up to 5%)

Write a brief discussion on your blog comparing both movies (the 'traditional' film and your machinima) in terms of the effectiveness of each genre and their techniques in conveying the story, engaging the viewer and any other aspect you consider relevant.

Other notes

Students' machinima movies

(Listed in no particular order)

Team Machinima
Angela & Fadzuli Hitchhiker's Guide:The Clairvoyant Elevator
Mayching & Gillian Link's "Awakening"
Jing Si & Irddy Bicentennial Man
Tedo, Robin & Eric Terminator 2
Ben & Xavier Nelson and Twombly
Wing Yi & Melvin On your mark