Dates 27/January - 13/February 2007
Classroom Q.313
Lecturer Dioselin Gonzalez (Second Life: Chica Digital)
dioselin "at" gmail "dot" com
Office: M.509
Phone: 6550-1811
Tutor Robin Tan
robin"at" envisagereality "dot" com


This module provides an overview of different game engines. It covers the various components of an engine (from graphics to physics to AI) and how it is related to the hardware architecture. Pipeline tools associated with the games engines are introduced to students. Upon completion of the module, students will have an in depth understanding of game engines structure and the various issues associated with building games based on different game genres.


On successful completion of this subject module, students should be able to:

Text references


3 assignments, oral presentation

Assignment 1 - Modules design 20%
Assignment 2 - Engines analysis 30%
Assignment 3 - Engine integration design 50%
Total 100%