DM2212 Programming Physics

Schedule and materials

Week Topic / Assignment Materials
1 Introduction. Vector theory review DM2212-intro.pdf
2 Introduction. Vector theory review DM2212-vectors-2.pdf
3 Coordinate system, units conversion, measures DM2212-coords,units.pdf
4 Frames of reference, physics systems structure DM2212-motion,physics-apps.pdf
5 3D kinematics: velocity and principle of inertia DM2212-3Dkinematics(i).pdf
6 3D kinematics: free fall and acceleration DM2212-3Dkinematics(ii).pdf
7 Written test on Wednesday 30/May, 8.15am, LT.M1
Th: Vesak day
8 Test review; work on assignment 1
Test answers are in the reference drive
9 Term break
Assignment 1 due
Friday, 15/June 9am - part a
Friday, 22/June 9am - part b
11 Intro to physics programming with Python and VPython DM2212-python,vpython.pdf
12 Force and motion: Newton's laws
13 Force and motion: Circular motion Assignment 2 Milestone 1 due
Friday, 13/July/2007 9am
14 Collision detection for rigid bodies there will also be an e-learning component:
Collision detection for rigid bodies
15 Collision detection for rigid bodies
16 Assignment 2 Milestone 2 due Monday, 30/July/2007 9am
Written test on Wednesday 01/Aug 8.15am, LT.M1
17 <no class>
Th: National day

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