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Cum laude Computer Engineering degree; Master of Science in Technology.

I earned a Master of Science degree from Purdue University in May 2005. I worked in the Envision Center for Data Perceptualization where I was involved in research about collaborative virtual reality.

My M.S. thesis consisted of designing an architecture for virtual reality (VR) applications within a collaborative framework, and implementing AGJuggler, a reusable toolkit for enabling existing VR applications to run collaboratively. The Access Grid™ (AG) is the collaboration environment used for the study and VRJuggler the VR API for Virtual Reality applications.

I presented the AGJuggler work at SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies (August 2005, LA), the Access Grid Retreat (June 2004, Toronto and April 2005, San Francisco), and SCGlobal (November 2004, Pittsburgh and November 2005, Seattle).

We also worked very closely with the ArtGrid group for the performances of "InterPlay: Loose Minds in a Box" held at SIGGRAPH 2005 and SCGlobal 2005; I worked in having AGJuggler running in different AG nodes with a CAVE™-like system. This performance was selected as a National Semifinalist for the Peoria Prize for Creativity.

My undergraduate degree is a 5 years degree in Computer Engineering which I obtained from Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela, South America. This degree would be equivalent to ECE - Computer Systems or Software Engineering.

The fifth year of undergraduate level was for specialization, during which I took electives in computer graphics (CG) and multimedia. CG programming courses included theory of the graphics pipeline, special topics and projects using OpenGL. In the General Studies course named Education & Technology, we explored the use of interactive media to improve and facilitate a richer education, distance learning, and other possible uses of technology within all levels of instruction. My internship project was the programming and integration of an interactive tale for children. These efforts were reflected in an excellent academic record, recognition from university authorities and graduating cum laude.