DreamWorks Animation's nextgen character animation software

Premo is the new propietary character animation software from DWA, which was designed to take advantage of the latest processors and graphic hardware.

LibEE is the multithreaded dependency graph evaluation engine used in Premo. It has proven able to deliver high-performance characters. It is very cool to see LibEE achieving high frame rates with complex characters.

LibEE and a completely redesigned application make Premo a lot friendlier and more interactive than its predecessor Emo. I wish I could show videos and progress on the upcoming movies, they look good!

Papers, news, articles

My first task as part of the animation R&D team was to redesign and implement a parser and code generator for LibEE graph nodes. It also supports the current gen engine while production transitions to the next gen pipeline. Later I became the Premo Python bindings gal ;) I designed and implemented tools and libraries for automating certain tasks in generating bindings from our C++ code. Then I was part of the team who implemented motion clips, a new feature in Premo. Motion clips are very cool, they allow animators to save certain animations and apply them to different characters. My main contributions were movie previews inside the app.

Movie credits I have: Rise of the Guardians and The Croods.